Stubble to stubble


Stubble to Stubble Contracting

Having already expanded our Contract farmed area in 2013 we still have capacity for more land.

Whether it is contract farming, share farming or stubble to stubble contracting, we have the expertise and the equipment to produce excellent results.

Having worked with a number of different landowners and organisations we can offer a tailor made package for any situation. We have improved soil condition, yields and profitabilty on all the land that we have farmed through a combination of organic manure, cover crops, rotation and careful choice of cultivation regime. We work alongside specalist livestock farmers and can arrange for animals to graze areas from a few acres up to many hundreds.

  • Modern equipment to suit every condition
  • Comprehensive record keeping
  • History of improving soil condition
  • Access to livestock

With our range of equipment we can cover all operations from traditional ploughing and combination drilling to direct drilling with GPS application of nutrients and Pesticides. All our operations are recorded and many have GPS maps to give full traceability. We can produce crop growing costs at any point in the season and have full stock management of both inputs and outputs.


We have a huge amount of experience in improving farm profitabilty through both improving yields and also saving costs.

If you are considering a change in your farming system then why not give us a call, we will be happy to dicuss any ideas you may have.

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