With over 10 years experience,
our employees will do this service to perfection!

GPS Fertiliser Application

As one of the pioneers of GPS application technology in farming DVH Price and Son is uniquely placed to provide a spreading service in and around Oxfordshire

Using a state of the art weigh-cell equipped spreader and the latest Topcon rate controller we can apply most agricultural fertilisers exactly where you require them.  We have huge experience of many different application files and our software is compatible with most farm service providers.

  • Reliable Starfire GPS receiver
  • Fully tested and calibrated weigh-cell equipped fertiliser spreader
  • Powerful Topcon rate controller
  • Vast experience of Variable Rate application techniques

We have fully mapped our farm here and have been variably applying base fertilisers for over 7 years.  In addition we have worked closely with Yara and Precision Decisions over the development of the N-Sensor for the past 5 years and can therefore also offer variable rate Nitrogen applications.

Why not visit us here at Perdiswell Farm and we can talk you through how we have improved our soils and saved money using variable rate techniques over the past 7 years.

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