Perdiswell Farm was brought in 1946 by Donald Price to develop a herd of Pedigree Jersey cows and start a small market garden to supply his businesses in Oxford. Joyce his wife had a passion for Pedigree cattle and also ran the Oxford and Cambridge Milk Bar which Donald had brought just before the war. The milk from the cows was used in the Milk Bar right up until it was closed in 1960. At the same time the Agricola Restaurant in George Street, situated opposite the New Theatre, was supplied with fruit and vegetables from the small acreage at the farm. The waste food from the restaurant used to come back to the farm and be fed to the pigs as swill. At the time there was only 60 acres with the farm, a small house and some outbuildings.

Malcolm Price returned to the farm following an apprenticeship at Morris Motors in Oxford and ran both the farm at Perdiswell and the larger unit at Oddington where the 60 milking cows were latterly transferred to. The cows were sold in 1972 after the decision was made to concentrate on the arable side of the business. This continued until 1992 when the land and yard were sold at Oddington so that Malcolm could concentrate on the farm at Perdiswell.

During the 1990’s the opportunity was taken to expand the acreage of the farm through both tenanted and purchased land and the total area increased to 550 acres. It wasn’t until 2003 when the Blenheim Estate stopped farming and we took the opportunity to increase our acreage to 1000 acres. Subsequently a small area of contract farmed land has been taken on and today we are farming 1150 acres in total.